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2015 new toast clothing party short dresses wedding dresses Korean fashion red lace thin women-


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2015 new toast clothing party short dresses wedding dresses Korean fashion red lace thin women-

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US $32.06
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US $2.00
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Shop: Honey Because The Flagship Store

Credit: TaoBao Tmall Shop

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Product Attributes

  • sleeve length: &NBS p;短袖
  • article number : A038
  • Brand: 蜜之姻
  • dress pendulum:   ;短款包臀
  • color classification: 中国红
  • size: XXL S M L XL
  • the listed years season: 2014年夏季
  • application scenarios: 婚礼 成人礼 聚会 公司年会  表演
  • material: 化纤雪纺
  • Pop: 拉链
  • Style: 复古
  • applicable age: 18-25周岁
  • Waist-: 高腰
  • model: 吊带型
  • Fashion style details: 钻饰
  • Diamond: 玻璃钻
  • Sleeve-: 常规
  • Filler: 其他
  • Pattern: 纯色
  • Dress long: 短裙

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