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Down jacket women pink doll winter light flashes shawl in two piece long down jacket


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Down jacket women pink doll winter light flashes shawl in two piece long down jacket

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US $135.80
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US $2.00
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Seller Information

Shop: Big Pink Doll Store

Credit: TaoBao Tmall Shop

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Product Attributes

  • Filling Down: 150G (Included) -200G (Not Included)
  • Down Content: 90%
  • Material Composition: Polyester Fibers 100%
  • Sales Channel Type: Pure E-Commerce (Online Sales)
  • Brand: Big Pink Rag Doll
  • Number: D13DPD050
  • Clothing Style: Slim
  • Thickness: Thickened
  • Style: Commuting
  • Commuter: Korean Version
  • Length: Long
  • Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve
  • Collar: Other
  • Sleeve Type: Bubble Sleeve
  • Dress Fly: Double Breasted
  • Pattern: Solid Color
  • Pop/Craft: Tie-Back Button
  • Filler: White Duck Down
  • Applicable Age: 25-29 Years
  • Listed Year Season: Winter 2014
  • Color: Purple
  • Size: XLLMS
  • Fabrics: Fabrics Of Memory

Product Images

Translated Descriptions

明亮的玫紫色打造色彩冬天,更加绚丽动人,令人赏心悦目。披肩式的设计,利落有型,缔造女王般的气场。不同于传统羽绒服的臃肿剪裁,娃娃的剪裁更加的合体,契合身形,用一根金属的腰带束腰,打造纤细腰身,让你更加的苗条动人。 蓬松的质感,更加保暖。搭配一次双长靴就可以美美的出行啦~
 粉红大布娃娃 紫色披肩款两件式长款羽绒服
里件:面料:100%聚酯纤维  里料:100%聚酯纤维  胆布:100%聚酯纤维    填充物:90%白鸭绒10%白鸭毛  外件:面料:100%聚酯纤维 里料:100%聚酯纤维  填充物(仿丝棉):80%聚酯纤维20%丙纶
S 总充绒量约134g  长84cm   胸围89cm  腰围74cm  肩宽39cm  袖长59cm  袖肥32cm  袖口26cm  
M 总充绒量约141g  长86cm   胸围93cm  腰围78cm  肩宽40cm  袖长59cm  袖肥34cm  袖口27cm  
L 总充绒量约148g  长88cm   胸围97cm  腰围82cm  肩宽41cm  袖长59cm  袖肥35cm  袖口28cm  
XL 总充绒量约156g 长88cm  胸围101cm 腰围86cm  肩宽42cm  袖长59cm  袖肥37cm  袖口29cm