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Smiling Korean version of magic ball head headdress jewelry girls fashion hair hair Korea hair accessories 352698


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Smiling Korean version of magic ball head headdress jewelry girls fashion hair hair Korea hair accessories 352698

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Shop: Smiling Jewelry Store

Credit: TaoBao Tmall Shop

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Product Attributes

  • Hair Accessories Category: Banana Clips
  • Color Category: Girl Purple Pink Red Black Red Blue Pink Red Centipede Centipede Braid Khaki Centipede Braid Brown Blue Black Centipede Centipede Braid Braid
  • Material: Other
  • Brand: Smiling
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Price Range: 1.00-9.99
  • Inlay Material: Not Set
  • Novelty: Fresh From The Oven
  • Number: 352698
  • Style: Japan And South Korea

Product Images

Translated Descriptions

商品尺寸 : 20*3.5cm,

其实盘好后完全看不到盘发器 ,所以不用太在意本身的颜色!





这是令很多MM喜爱的盘发器哦!可以自己在家盘发,几分钟成型 :) 只要将盘发器套住马尾,在头发中引进引出,几分钟就可花样盘发,设计新潮,高雅,华丽的中外发型!适合职业,家居,晚宴的MM们快速打扮。再也不用去美发沙龙花钱了,再也不必为盘发而苦恼了!










商品尺寸 : 20*3.5cm,