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Very Thai bracelet s925 silver ladies bracelet cloisonne Peony Thai silver opening new


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Very Thai bracelet s925 silver ladies bracelet cloisonne Peony Thai silver opening new

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US $53.39
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US $2.00
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Shop: Thailand's Flagship Store

Credit: TaoBao Tmall Shop

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Product Attributes

  • Sale Time: Autumn 2015
  • Mall: No
  • Material: Silver
  • Metal Material: 925 Silver
  • Color Category: Peony Bracelet
  • Brand: Thai
  • Apply Gender: Female
  • Patterns: Other
  • Style: Retro/Palace
  • Inlay Material: Other
  • Spot: Spot
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Price Range: 401-500
  • Novelty: Fresh From The Oven
  • Number: 20150593904

Product Images

Translated Descriptions

品牌 非常泰[MYTHAI] 宝石 未镶嵌     
规格 76*12.5mm 整体重量 33.48g
工艺 泰银工艺 产品材质 S925银
证书 默认无证书,需要请联系客 服补差价 品牌承诺 官方正品,假一罚十
购物零风险 7天无理由退换,终生售后服 务 权威质检 支持正规机构复检后     付款