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Weight Estimation Table

The following weight esitmations for various of items are only for reference as common sense for you to estimate your parcel's weight. It's not accurate weight and should not be used for calculating final shipping cost nor be the reason for raising complaint for weight/shipping difference.
Products Weight Estimate Size
Hair Accessories, Jewelry, Stationary, Trinkets, Earphones, etc. 100-200g Very Small Items
T-shirts, Tank Tops, Leggings, Hats, Gloves, Light Shirts, Shorts, Skirts, Light Scarves, Small Toys, etc. 200-400g Small Items
Light Jackets, Hoodies, Men's Clothing, Thick Sweaters, Small Purses, Small Electronics, Women's Shoes, Thick Scarves, Wigs, Small Camera Equipment, Small Model Kits, etc. 500-1,000g Medium Items
Heavy Coats, Parkas, Men's Jeans, Boots, Men's Shoes, Big Purses, Large Camera Equipment, Large Model Kits, etc. 1,000-2,000g Heavy Items
Thick Books, Kitchen Equipment, Paper Materials, etc. 2,000g+ Extra Heavy Items
Luggage, Small Furnishings, Camera Equipment Kits, Book Sets, Bulk Products, etc 5,000g+ Extra Extra Heavy Items
* If you want to estimate the shipping cost with this estimated weight data, please use our Cost Estimator.