Shopping Tutorial & Demo & Handbook

You may think to shop products via shopping agent may be complex. Actually, it’s quite simple, you only need to pay us and we shop and ship the products to you, so there are generally two main steps: Shop & Ship.

However, in order to make the shopping and shipping process trackable, we are doing the shopping and shipping service in a workflow so that you can track your orders/parcels anytime on your own. We are also adding other features/functions on the workflow to make it more convenient, for example, you can remark the order and communicate with our customer service team on a specific order by one click.

Topic 1A: How to Find Products on

This topic demonstrates you how to find products on If you are looking for products on other Chinese sites, you can do it similarly.


Topic 1B: How to Find Products on site, also known as

This topic demonstrates you how to find products on If you are looking for products on other Chinese sites, you can do it similarly.


Topic 2: How to Add Funds to Member Account

Before you can submit orders to us, you need to add fund into your member account. This topic introduces you how to add funds into your member account on

Topic 3A: How to Place & Submit Orders

When you have found what you want to buy, you can follow the steps described in this topic to place and submit orders. Our system may load product information in most cases. If it failed, just complete the form manually.


Topic 3B: Use Easy Order Tool to place orders(Advanced & Optional) has released Easy Order Tool(browser extensions) for you to place orders directly in Taobao pages or other item pages by one or two simple clicks, which makes the ordering done in Taobao, Tmall or directly. It extremely saves up to 50% of ordering time. If you are a regular buyer or a wholesaler, you must want to learn more about it.

Topic 4: How to Track & Modify Orders

After you submit orders, you may need to track your orders for latest status, or even you may want to modify the order a little bit. This section introduces you how to track your orders and communicate with our purchaser to modify orders.

Topic 5: How to Submit & Pay Shipping

Once the items in your orders are arrived in our office, you may want to submit them for international shipping to your destination. The steps in this topic will show you how to submit for shipping and pay the related fees.

Topic 6: How to Track Parcel & Confirm Delivery

This is the last topic in the whole process. It introduce you how to track the international parcels and how to confirm the delivery.

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