Shopping Limitation

You can buy almost everything in China as long as it’s legal and allowed to be exported to destination country. However, destination country custom may have special rules on different products. You may want to consultant your local custom for more details.

In the meantime, we are doing our best to avoid the custom to check your parcels to avoid unnecessary duties and taxes. (Note: If the duties or taxes happen, it’s customer’s responsibility to pay for them. is not responsible for any of the loss caused by destination custom.)

The following products need your special attention:
1. Medicine: You can buy medicine, but you should not buy too much. Your local custom may have action on it if you bought too much. Medicine can ONLY be shipped via EMS or AIR.

2. Food: Pay more attention to the expiration date, as the whole shopping process may take about 2 weeks or longer. Also, don’t buy too much on food as you may also face potential custom problems. Food can ONLY be shipped via EMS or AIR.

3. CD, DVD: All these discs should ONLY be shipped via EMS or AIR.

4. Electronic Digital Products: All these items should ONLY be shipped via EMS or AIR.

5. Cosmetic Products: All these items should ONLY be shipped via EMS or AIR.

6. Other products with liquid or powder: They should ONLY be shipped via EMS or AIR.

Special Items:
If you are trying to buy some special items, we will give you suggestions. Usually, our service team will send you message within 2 days to let you know if it is allowed or how to buy it. Please pay more attention to the comment on the order entry in “My Orders” and site messages.

Note: All items you bought should be legal to China and your destination country or area. Only those items that are allowed by China custom to be exported can be bought.

Important: Order request for replica/copy/fake branded items and other items with patent/copyright violations are not accepted! Users insist or mislead FSC to purchase these items will cause the user accounts be moved to rejection list permanently.

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