How to Track & Modify Orders

Once you have already submitted and paid orders, your orders are no longer in shopping cart. Instead, you need to find and track them in “My Orders” page.

The following steps will introduce you how to Track your order status and Communicate with our service team on a specific order.


1.    Click the “My Orders” link in the left side in member center to go to “My Order” page. You will be able to see seven tabs:
All Products – All items that have not been shipped yet.
Pending – New orders that have not been handled.
Processing –We have already accepted the order and have PLACED AN ORDER with the seller(Shop Owner or supplier).
On the Way –The items have already been bought and they are on the way from the seller to our office.
Arrived – The items have already arrived in our office, and they are able to be submitted for international shipping.

Shipped – The items that have already been submitted for international shipping.

Abnormal – The items are found with some problems, and are in the process of return/change or refund process.

Invalid –This order is invalid and needs to be canceled.


order status


2.    For new submitted orders, the status will be displayed as “Pending”, which means this order is pending for our customer service team’s conduction. Only “Pending” and “Invalid” orders can be canceled by you, if needed. To cancel this order, you only need to click “X” in the front of the specific entry as show in the following image. The order will be removed from this list and the cost will be returned to your account accordingly.

order in pending status can be cancelled


3.    Once the order is being conducted by our customer service team, you will see the status is show as “Processing”. If there is question or comment from customer service on this specific product, it will be displayed in the “Remarks” bulb.

order in processing status


4.    If you want to communicate with the customer service team on a specific order, you can also click the “envelope” icon to send messages to our team and check feedback from us.
Green- indicates you have sent messages to us. It’s pending our service team’s reply.
Orange-means we have replied your message. You can click and check it.

send message to purchaser


5.    The order status “On the Way” indicates that we have already bought the products for you, but it’s still on the way from the seller to our office. It’s not delivered yet by China domestic shipping. You don’t need to do anything on it, just wait and come back later.

orders on the way


6.    Once the status is displayed as “Arrived”, that means the products is already in our office now. You can also click the “Products Arrived” tab to check how many items are already arrived. Arrived items can be packaged and shipped to you. To submit for shipping, you need to select the items you want to package and click “Submit Shipping”.
orders arrived in FSC warehouse



Specially For Abnormal (Return/Change) Orders:

If you see the order is in Abnormal queue with the status "Return/Change", it means the order was found with either of the following problems:

a.) Some item is damaged or inferior item.

b.) Incorrect item was sent by the supplier/seller.

c.) Incorrect quantity was found.


Once the order is in Abnormal queue, don't worry, FSC's job is not completed. FSC will contact you or the supplier to negotiate the solution on it. Usually FSC will do the following:

a.) Some item is damaged or inferior item: FSC will contact the supplier/seller for return and change or refund for the damaged/inferior item. 

b.) Incorrect item was sent by the supplier/seller: FSC will contact you to confirm if the incorrect item can be accepted. If it's not accepted, FSC will return it to the supplier/seller for change. 

c.) Incorrect quantity was found: FSC will contact the supplier/seller for refund or having them re-send the missing part.


Be Aware: Once the order is in Abnormal queue, it will take a longer time for FSC to handle it, especially for return and change or refund. Usually it will take 1-2 weeks or even longer sometimes. Some users misunderstood that FSC is not doing good job on it because they saw the status was kept as Abnormal(Return/Change) for long time. In fact, FSC needs to chase the seller/suppliers again and again to get the item returned for refund or change because most suppliers/sellers handle return/refund/change with low priority. There are still a lot of jobs for FSC to do on abnormal orders, which are not visible to users. All these extra jobs done by FSC are advantages of using FSC's service to avoid loss caused by mistake or cheating from supplier/seller side. Even though the process is taking long time, but it's protecting user's benifit and should not be complained.

Suggestion: If you found the item in abnormal status can still be accepted by you, please click the envelope icon in the end of the order to leave message to our purchaser to keep it instead of returning it, so that you don't need to wait too long time for return and change.  For example, if the seller sent different color of clothes, which wouldn't affect too much, we suggest you to accept it to save time instead of returning it for change.


OK. You have finished tracking your items, now you may want to know more about the topic: How to Submit Items for International Shipping.

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