Refund & Withdraw Fund

Difference between Refund and Withdraw Fund


As we are using virtual account which is more similar to your bank debit account, we treat refund and withdraw fund differently.

Refund: Sometimes we may say it as Cost Return. It happens when you have placed an order, and the cost/fund is going to be returned to your member account on due to some reason, for example, you want to cancel the order, the order is invalid, or the product item is having something wrong. The refunded money will only be returned to your member account on


Withdraw Fund: Very similar to debit card, you can get all the balance in your member account transferred to you by cash or in other form. This happens when you have finished shopping on and there is still balance inside. If you do not want the balance to be kept in member account on, you can withdraw it.

Refund Conditions


You can be refunded only in the following conditions:

1. The order with status "pending" or "Invalid". You can cancel the order by yourself and the cost will be returned to your account.


2. The order is conducted and the product item is damaged or having other issue when it’s arrived in our office and it should be returned. If the item is having big issue, we will return it to seller for change directly. If it's a minor issue, we will send you message and you can determine if you want to make a change or just return it. If you want to return it, we will refund as long as we receive the fund from seller. However, we do not take any responsibility of any lost (including domestic shipping fee) in this process. Also, we do not charge service fee for those inferior products/orders.


3. Incorrect items bought by or damaged items you receive (Fragile items are not included here). You need to fill a claim on this case to get the items returned and the cost returned to your member account. For more details, please refer to Return Policy.

Withdraw Conditions


We do not having any amount limitation on withdrawing funds. However, the bank or money transfer agent may charge some cost which should be conducted from your account balance. If the cost is larger than the balance amount, we would not transfer the money as it's senseless. If you have any other ideas, please contact us for better solution.

All withdraw fund request will be conducted within 3 workdays.

1) If you add funds to your member account via Credit Card, you can ONLY withdraw money via Credit Card. We would not accept other money transfer method in this case.
2) If you add funds to your member account via Western U nion, MoneyGram, or other payment methods (Credit Cards are not included), you can choose Western U nion, MoneyGram to withdraw your funds.

Send a Refund Request


According to Refund Conditions, you need to fill a claim for the 3rd case for refund when you have received incorrect or damaged products. 1st case and 2nd case do not need any refund request.

Send a Withdraw Fund Request


To withdraw fund from your member account balance, you need to fill a Withdraw Fund Request. After signing in member center, click "Withdraw Fund" in the left side of the page. In the right side, you will be able to see "Add a new Withdraw Request" link. Click it and finish the form. It will be conducted within 24 hours after it's submitted. For more details, please refer to the topic: How to Withdraw Fund.

Cancel order and Return item cost


If the item you want cannot be bought (out-of-stock, illegal etc) or has problems (damaged, incorrect etc), we will inform you the reason by comment on the order entry and set the order status as "Invalid". You can cancel the invalid orders by yourself and the item cost will be automatically returned to your member account accordingly.

If the order you placed is still "pending", you can also cancel the order and get the cost returned to your member account.

Check Cost Return Records
You can go to “My Account History” to view all the details, which is on the left side of the page after you log in.

Check Withdraw Funds Records
If you want to check the withdraw history of your account, you can click “Withdraw Funds” in the left side of the page in member center.

Check balance of member account
Memeber account balance can be checked in the following pages:
1) Home page of member center;
2) Click "Add Funds" in the left side of member center, you will also be able to see your balance.

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