Translation Tools

1. Google Tools
   A. Translation Browser Buttons -- Click to Install
      Add a translation browser button to your browser's Links Toolbar to translate web pages or pieces of text with a single click. While surfing the web, if you find a piece of text you'd like to translate, select the text with your mouse and click the browser button. If you want to translate a whole web page, simply click the button.
Google translation



   B. Google Toolbar -- Click to Install
      You can use translation function by click the button on the toolbar to translate web pages instantly with automatic language detection.

google toolbar translation



   C. Google Browser Chrome -- Click to Install
      Chrome is an web page browser developed by Google. By default, Chrome is having the translation function which can help you translate the whole page from other languages to your local language by simply clicking the translate button on the top. In the mean time, it's also a browser with very high performance.
  google browser chrome translation function 



2. Yahoo Tool
    Yahoo! Babel Fish -- go to visit
      It also provide text, web page translation and toolbar.
yahoo translation tool



3. Other Online Translator or Dictionary
   A. Kingsoft iCiba online dictionary -- go to visit

   B. iCiba cursor translator tool (plugin for IE only) -- Click to Download
      This is english version, please download and unrar it. Then click the dict.reg file to install.
      Usage: Right click in browser page and choose cursor translater.
iciba translation

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