Shipping Methods

International Shipping

We are cooperating with different shipping companies in China and we are able to provide the following international shipping methods:
EMS(Express Mail Service)
It’s strongly recommended as it’s cheap and easier to pass the local custom in this shipping method. EMS can reach to 183 countries and is cooperating with local postal system so that the parcels will be delivered by your local post office. Usually it takes about 5-10 workdays to get the parcel successfully delivered. The default shipping method is EMS if there is no special request from customer. And we are providing about 45% discount for EMS.

Three days after the delivery, the status of the parcel will be kept updating on the EMS website. If you have not received the packages after 12 days, please stay calm and track the information on your own country’s postal website. The parcel can usually be kept in the destination local post office for about 5 days if the delivery attempt failed.
EMS Website:

This is a commercial shipping company and it usually takes 3-7 days to get the parcel delivered. The shipping fee is higher than that for EMS, and there is extra fuel fee (It’s around 22% of the shipping fee, and may change as International fuel price changes). Be aware that you may have more chances to be charged for custom taxes as this is a pure commercial shipping method. For those parcels that need to be delivered in a short time, DHL can be used.
DHL Website:

This is well known logistic company and is providing door to door shipping express as well. However, it’s also commercial shipping method and is also charging for extra fuel fee and the parcel may have more chances to be charged for custom taxes. UPS usually takes about 3-7 days to get the parcel successfully delivered.
UPS Website:

Another well known commercial logistic company. Extra fuel fee is charged in this shipping method. Fedex usually takes about 3-7 days to complete the delivery.
Fedex Website:

Air Parcel:
For a parcel under 2kg, Air Mail (Flat Shipping) will be the most economic shipping method. It usually takes about 15-20 workdays to get the parcel delivered. If the package has not yet arrived after a month, please visit your country’s postal tracking website for more information. Chinese tracking site is updated according to the feedback from your country thus there would be an information delay. The information on your local postal website is more prompt and accurate.

By default, it can not be tracked and you will never know where it is. However, you can get the parcel registered (registration fee is 12 CNY), and track it by the registration code as other shipping methods.

This is the cheapest shipping method but takes about 15-20 workdays to complete the delivery. No extra fuel fee will be charged. Also, it’s having better custom clearance capacity and having less chance to be charged for custom taxes. However, there maybe tracking information delay thus it’s not easy for the parcel to be tracked in time. There may also be a very small rate that the parcel gets lost.

We do not encourage you to use this method for shipping important or expensive stuff. EMS will be better in this case.



Domestic Shipping

Normal domestic delivery is about 12 -20 CNY for 1 kg or 1 pc and takes about 3-5 days.
EMS domestic delivery is about 20 -30 CNY for 1 kg or 1 pc and takes about 5-7 days(It's recommended to deliver expensive products via EMS).

Domestic delivery fee start from 12 CNY and depends on Items Amount/Weight/Size/Distance between seller’s location and our warehouse.

For multiple products from one shop, our system will only charge once for domestic delivery fee. The delivery fee will depends on the total weight and parcel size. For example:
1) Only 12 CNY are taken as delivery fee if 10 products are bought from one shop and they totally less than 1 kg.
2) 20 CNY are taken as delivery fee if 10 products are bought from one shop and they totally about 2 kg.
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