How to Submit & Pay Shipping

Once the products have already arrived, you can then submit them for shipping. The following steps are necessary to finish the Shipping Request process.

1.    Select the products arrived, and click “Submit Shipping” in the “My Orders” page to submit a shipping request.

Select arrived orders


2.    You will be navigated to “My Parcels” page once the shipping request was successfully submitted. A new parcel entry will be added into parcel list, with the “status” displayed as “Unweighed” and the “operation” as “Pending Weighing”.  This parcel is pending our team to package and weigh. You can have a cup of coffee and come back later.

pending parcel entry in My Parcels page


3.    The following are the different status of the parcel:

    Unweighed: The parcels are pending our customer service team’s action. We will package it and weigh it.
    Weighed: The parcels are weighed, and they need your action to pay for the international shipping fee and service fee to finish the shipping request.
    Pending: The parcels are paid, and they're pending our team's action to ship them out.
    Shipped: The parcels are already shipped out. They are on the way to the destination.
    Delivered: The parcels are already successfully delivered.
    Invalid: These parcels are canceled. And these entries are just records for the cancellation actions.


4.    If you want to check what products are included in the specific parcel, you can click the parcel number as shown in the following image to check the product list.

click parcel id to see items included in this parcel


5.    Once the parcel is done and weighed, the entry in the parcel list will change its status to be “Weighed”. And you need to do the operation “Pay Now” to pay for the international shipping and our service charge. Once you click it, you will be navigated to the shipping request information page.

click into weighed parcels to pay the 2nd payment


6.    Complete the shipping information form and select appropriate shipping method. (The shipping methods will only be displayed after you select the Destination Area.) Different shipping methods may have different prices and may take different days to get the parcel delivered. You need to select appropriate method by reading our related topic: Shipping Methods.

input 2nd payment information


7.    After selecting the shipping method, you are able to see the amount for the 2nd payment, which contains our service charge and the shipping cost. Once it’s confirmed, you can click the “Submit & Pay” button to finish the shipping request and make the 2nd payment.

select appropriate shipping method


8.    If the payment succeeded, you will be prompted with the dialog. And you can go back to “My Parcels” to check the further status. Newly paid parcel will be displayed as “Pending”, which means it’s waiting for our customer service team’s action to ship it out. Once it’s shipped out, the tracking number will be added into the parcel entry and the status will be changed to “Shipped”. You may want to track the parcel by visiting the related tracking site with the tracking number.
2nd payment submitted

All right. Now you have already submitted the shipping request. What you need to do next is to: Track Parcels and Confirm Delivery.

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