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There are too many online stores in China, and we recommend you the followings which are with high credit records.
You must know it. Yes, this is the largest C2C online market in China, it’s very similar to and you can find almost anything inside with pretty low price. And it has millions of shops inside. Most of customers shop products from it and it’s our default example shopping website.
This B2C online store derives from For those sellers with high credit score in, they can be promoted into if they are able to provide better product quality and better service. It’s having more strict rules for the sellers in than that in Therefore, would be your best choice if you want to find products with higher quality and better service.
It’s very similar to and having millions of shops inside. This C2C online market is developed by, which is running QQ (a well known instant message tool, very similar to ICQ). Based on the users of QQ, is having more and more users doing business inside.
This is one of the biggest B2C online malls in China. It’s having very large amount of investment and this mall guarantees that all of the products are authentic. No faked or inferior products inside. It’s popular in China, especially when you want to buy electronic digital products.
This was ever an B2C online book store and now it’s developed to other products, including clothes, foods, and digital products. It’s very similar to, it promises that all the products are authentic. It’s still the first choice when you want to buy Chinese books.
This B2C online store is also well known in China. You can find most of the electronic digital products and other products on this platform. It’s very similar to
You must know B2C online store is the Chinese branch site in China and it’s selling Chinese products. It guarantees that all of the products are authentic. No faked or inferior products inside. (Wholesale), which is also called, is the largest Chinese wholesale website which is having the most Chinese factory members. If you are wholesaler or a retailer want to find product source with factory price, this is the idea site you may want to visit. is very similar to, and they both belong to Alibaba Group. You can just find your source on as what you do on or Ebay.

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