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As is a purchase agent, the payment mode is different from that on a normal B2C online store which only charges once for total cost. charges twice, which are called 1st payment and 2nd payment. These two payments are transparent, and they are the most reasonable and accurate ways to pay all kinds of related costs.


1st Payment--Pay for Products

After you have selected products and added them into shopping cart on, you need to pay for these orders before we can process them. This is called 1st payment.  It contains the following:

1.) Product Cost;

2.) Domestic Shipping Fees charged by each seller.


Be Aware: If there is any price adjustment, we will let you know in order messages in "My Orders" page. Any fund change will be reflected in "My Account History" page.

For more details about making 1st payment, please refer to the topic: How to Submit and Pay for Orders.


2nd Payment--Pay for Service Fee, International Shipping and others

After we have bought the items and the items are arrived, you can submit those products for shipping. You need to pay the service fee, international shipping fee and others before those items can be shipped out to you. This is called 2nd payment. It contains the following:

1.) Service Fee;

2.) International Shipping Fee;

3.) Insurance Fee (optional);

4.) Customs Service Fee (around 1.3 USD).


For more details about 2nd payment, please refer to the topic: How to Submit and Pay for Shipping.



Add Funds into Member Account

1. For credit card users, please make 1st and 2nd payments with credit card directly in the 1st payment page and 2nd payment page. There is no need to add fund before making payments.


2. For Western U-nion, MoneyGram and other payment users, please add fund first. We are using virtual account which is more similar to your bank debit account, you need to add funds into your member account before submitting your orders. You can use different ways to add funds into your member account: Western U-nion, MoneyGram and other payment methods. For more details, please refer to the topic: How to Add Funds into Member Account.


Check Payment History
You can check the payment history by clicking “My Account History” in the left side in the member center. All the payment record details will be listed here.

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