How to Add Funds to Member Account

We are handling orders in the prepaid mode, which means you need to prepay the orders before we process them. For Visa, MasterCard, JCB users, you can make payment directly according to the payment page's guide. For Western U-nion and MoneyGram users, you need to Add Funds to your member account before you can pay your orders, which is more like a debit account. Once you have submitted orders, the corresponding cost will be deducted from your member account. Also, if there is any order canceled, the fund will be returned to your member account accordingly.

You can Add Funds to your member account in the following ways:

1.    Visa, MasterCard

2.    Western U-nion

3.    Bank Wire Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer

4.    Others

Which payment method Should I use?
 For your convenience and ours, for small deposits (under USD$20) we will only accept credit card payment.
For amounts over $500, it would be in your interest to use Western U-nion because of lower transaction costs.
Western U-nion Transfer Fees:
Transfer Amount    Service Fee
500 USD                   15 USD
500-1000 USD           20 USD
1000-2000 USD         25 USD
2000-5000 USD         30 USD
5000-10000USD        40 USD

If your order is larger than 3000USD, you may find Western U-nion is not allowing this big amount in some countries. You may probably want to use Wire/Telegraphic Transfer instead to make the transfer.



Add Funds by Visa, MasterCard

If you are going to pay with Visa or MasterCard, you don't need to add fund before orders. You can pay directly when you have orders in shopping cart as instant online payment.



Add Funds by Western U-nion
1. Please find the nearest Western U-nion agent or go to Western U-nion Website to transfer money to this account:
  First Name: LIANG
  Last Name: WANG
  Country: CHINA
*Please make sure that every letter is correct when you fill out the Western U-nion Money Transfer Form.
*You will get a receipt with your Money Transfer Control Number. (This number enables you to track your funds).
 2. Log in and go to “Add Funds” page, choose “western u-nion”, and then fill out the form, click “Submit” after you have confirmed all the information is correct.

  pay taobao with Western U-nion


If there are no problems, the amount will appear in your account within 3 working days, you can check it in "My Account History" page in member center for more details.


*If it’s holiday or weekend in China, it may take some extra days for the funds to be received and added into your member account. If you have any question regarding this, please send your query to:


Add Funds by Bank Wire Transfer( Telegraphic Transfer, T/T)

1. Go to your local bank and ask for send fund via T/T. Usually your local bank will provide the transfer routine for you, and the following information will be required to fill the form.

Hong Kong Account (preferred)
Beneficiary's Name: WANG LIANG
Beneficiary's A/C:  6212 9986 0474 8422
Beneficiary's Bank Address:21 F Bank of America Tower,12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong.

2. After you have finished the T/T, please log in and go to “Add Funds” page, choose “Wire Transfer”, and then fill out the form, click “Submit” after you have confirmed all the information is correct. We will add fund to your member account in time after we have received it.

Add fund via Wire Transfer



3. Usually the fund will arrive to our account in 3-5 days, depending to the transfer routine you selected.



Add Funds by WebMoney
We are planning to use WebMoney as an alternative payment method for Russian customers. More details will be provided once it’s ready.

Note: does not charge for any transaction service fee for transferring money. All the fees occurred are charged by the service provider- Credit Card channel, Western U-nion, MoneyGram or Webmoney.

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