Purchase Service Limitation & Purchase Tips

FreeShoppingChina.com is dedicated in purchase service and shopping service for customers to purchase items from China and to ship them to the destinations customer specified. The products FSC can purchase should not violate the laws from both China and the destination countries. Beside, the following are limited for purchasing: Liquid, Cream, Powder, Chemical and other sensitive items defined by most shipping companies.


FreeShoppingChina.com is not a B2C or B2B seller and does not sell anything directly. Based on the jobs and services we do, FreeShoppingChina.com ONLY check the items integrity probelms and does not guarantee the natures of items customers request to purchase.

What are natures of items?

The “natures of the items” means the following but not limited to the following: style design, color, material and any feature decided by the producing process and technology. Usually, the natures of one item can not be changed even if you return the item to seller to change for another same product, as all the same products from the same seller are the same.

This is especially embarrassing when someone thinks the items is supposed to be like this or like that, while the fact is that the item he/she purchased is different. The difference is not because the item is broken or damaged, but the item's natures are different from what they are supposed to be by the buyer. Even, different buyers may have different expectations on the natures of the same products. And the differences may easily result in complaints, disputes and disappointments.

FreeShoppingChina.com can NOT control and is NOT responsible for items' natures! We ONLY perform purchase service for you and check the integrity problems of the items. We do NOT define the high-quality or low-quality. We do not accept return or refund request because of natures of the items with the reason of “low quality” or “not as expected”. Again, FREESHOPPINGCHINA.COM IS NOT DIRECT SELLER,  FREESHOPPINGCHINA.COM CAN NOT CONTROL AND IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS’ NATURES! 

Important Tips:

1. We suggest you look into the item detailed information carefully to make sure the item's natures can be accepted.


2. For resellers, we do suggest you purchase a sample first if you are not clear if the items are as expected.


3. Be careful to the items with extremely low prices. Usually the too low price means the item’s cost is low, of course, the material and other natures of the items will be not be good either.

4. Compare the shops' credit scores. In taobao, you can find the shop/seller’s credit score in the right side. There are red hearts, diamonds, blue crowns, and golden crowns. The sequence of the credit score from low to high is as following: red hearts< diamonds< blue crowns< golden crowns. We suggest you purchase items from the shop at least with diamonds. The shops with crowns are recommended as usually they are companies’ shops instead of personal shops. Shops with crowns are usually with better service and sell better items.

5. Check the comments on the specific items. Usually, there are comment functions for online shops. In taobao and other online shops, you can check the comments on the specific item in the end of item details part. This is very helpful to understand the natures of the items in the views of different buyers.

6. For VIP members, regular buyers, resellers and other partners, please contact customer service for help if you are facing any other difficulty.


What are the item's integrity problems?


The item's integrity problems includes the following:

1) The style is different from the style option you selected;

2) The color is different from the color option you selected(The real color may be a little bit different from that on webpage. This difference is not integrity issue.);

3) The item is different from that in item description;

4) The item is NOT in original status(borken, used or any status that is not acceptable).

FreeShoppingChina.com always checks the items’ integrity FOR FREE to protect customers’ benefit and reduce the customers’ risk as much as possible. Any item with integrity issue found will be put into Return/Change list for change by default. If change is not possible, we will help return and get refund from seller. The success rate of change/refund is 100% so far. Also, return/change/refund for items with integrity problems is without charge, we do it for you for COMPLETELY FREE!


FreeShoppingChina.com is NOT responsible for any risk of copy or replica!

FreeShoppingChina.com does not suggest purchasing copy or replica items, especially well known branded replicas. FreeShoppingChina.com has also built up a blocking list to stop purchasing some of the branded items from taobao and alibaba.cn(1688.com), like Nike, LV, GUCCI, etc. They can only be purchased from Tmall.com, jd(360buy.com), dangdang.com, newegg.com and amazon.cn.


FreeShoppingChina.com is ONLY for purchase service and not able to tell if the item from taobao or alibaba.cn(1688.com) is authentic/genuine or copy/replica because some of them look completely the same. FreeShoppingChina.com is NOT supporting purchasing replica/copy NOR responsible for any risk of copy or replica. If any user insists to purchase replica/copy or mislead FSC to purchase replica/copy, the account and related accounts will be locked permanently.  

Important Tips:
1. If you want to purchase 100% authentic and genuine item, please purchase from Tmall.com, jd.com(360buy.com), dangdang.com, newegg.com and amazon.cn. Only items from these online malls can be guaranteed to be authentic. Items from taobao and alibaba.cn(1688.com) can never be guaranteed!!!

2. Walk away from the luxury branded items from taobao and alibaba.cn(1688.com). Luxury items with low prices are usually fake/copy/replica. Don’t purchase them! FSC also has a list of prohibited brands for items from Taobao. Any order for the item of the brand in the prohibited list will be stopped by FSC system or purchaser. 


FreeShoppingChina.com is NOT responsible for destination customs clearance failure/delay!

Different countries have different regulations on customs clearance. FreeShoppingChina.com is NOT responsible for destination customs clearance. FreeShoppingChina.com ships items to destinations via China Post and other shipping companies. Shipping companies help finish the customs clearance procedures with customers’ cooperation. Due to the destination customs regulation and policy, there may be customs clearance delay or failure which needs customer’s effort to solve. Any loss brought by the customs delay or failure should be undertaken by customer.


If you are not familiar with your local customs regulations, please search for more information or call your local customs office hotline for help.

If branded items were defined as copy or replica by destination customs, they may be forfeited by customs. FreeShoppingChina.com will try best to provide purchase material and any other helpful material based on the fact to help. However, FreeShoppingChina.com is NOT responsible for the loss of the forfeit nor accepts any complaint or dispute on the forfeit. All loss should be undertaken by customer.

Again, FreeShoppingChina.com does NOT suggest you purchase branded replica/fake/copy items!

Important Tips:
1. When you filling the shipping information and pay the international shipping cost, please suggest a reasonable value for customs declaring.

2. If you are purchasing special items, please suggest a reasonable item name for customs declaring when filling the shipping information and pay the international shipping cost. Usually the destination customs will charge taxes based on the item name and category it belongs to. Writing a reasonable item name will make the thing easier and save taxes for you.

3. Consult your local customs office or official site to get more information of importing items for business use and personal use. Some countries may have a limitation to total value of items for personal use. Items' value exceeds the limitation may cause customs clearance failure. If you are not aware of it, please call your local customs office for more information.

Thank you for understanding the limitation of our purchase service. We are always expecting long term cooperation with you!




More Tips About Credit Score on Taobao and 1688.com

How to check Credit Score of shops on Taobao?

When you have opened the item page on taobao, you are able to see the seller's current credit level in the right side, the following is an example of four diamonds level:

There are different credit levels defined by taobao, from the low to the top. The sequence of the credit score from low to high is as following: red hearts< diamonds< blue crowns< golden crowns. We suggest you purchase items from the shop at least with diamonds. The shops with crowns are recommended as usually they are companies’ shops instead of personal shops. Shops with crowns are usually with better service and sell better items. The following indicates more detail of it:

How to check Credit Score of Tmall shops?

Tmall.com is B2C online mall and it's having strict rules to protect customer's benefits. Usually you don't need to check the credit score for Tmall shops.

How to check Credit Score of shops on 1688.com?

Usually we check the seller's ChengXinTong certification. If the seller is having 3 years of ChengXinTong certification, it will be better than those that only have 1 year of this certification, and it's more trustable.The following demonstrates how to check this certification:

Clicking on the area, you will be directed to the seller's information page for more details. If you found this seller is completely new, it's not suggested to purchase large qty of items from it:



If you want to learn more about Purchase Tips & Best Practices, please read this topic: http://freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=143

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