Estimated Purchase/Shopping Service Fee

Purchase/Shopping Service Fee is calculated based on the real orders we have handled for you, so our system gives you the accurate Service Fee in the 2nd payment page and deducts from your account balance in the 2nd payment transaction. However, in the 1st payment page, an Estimated Service Fee will appear in the cost details, and the following is about how it works:

1. Estimated Service Fee is calculated based on the orders you are going to submit in shopping cart, the minimum is still 30CNY.

2. The complete payment process contains the two steps: A.)We receive fund from credit card/MoneyGram/Western U-nion/Wire Transfer and add it into your member account balance; B.)System deducts the cost from your account balance. Estimated Service Fee in 1st payment only finishes step A but stops before the step B. All the details can be found in "My Account History" page in member center.

3. Estimated Service Fee is designed to be kept in your member account balance. And only when you are making 2nd payment, the accurate Service Fee will be really deducted from you account balance.

The following is an example:
Your orders in shopping cart are of 500CNY(including domestic shipping cost), and the estimated service fee is 50CNY, while your account balance is 0CNY. In your 1st payment, 550CNY will be charged from your credit card. However, you will see your account balance is 50CNY right after the 1st payment. And in the next payment page, the balance(50CNY) can be used with precedence. This is to say, the estimated service fee in 1st payment is kept in your member account balance.

4. Estimated Service Fee kept in your member account balance is active, it will be used with precedence in your next payment.  

5. Estimated Service Fee function is only for Non-VIP member. System will automatically skip this function for VIP members.

It's strongly suggested that you check your Account Balance and "My Account History" page in member center which reflects the detailed steps of payments and detailed information if you have questions on Estimated Service Fee.

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