What is TaoBao.com

What is taobao.com?

Taobao (www.Taobao.com) is the largest online shopping marketplace in China. Since 2003, it has established itself as the leader in this sector. With a registered user base of more than 145 million as of June 2009, Taobao gathers an overwhelming majority of online shoppers in China. In 2008 Taobao's transaction volume, or gross merchandise volume (GMV), was RMB100 billion. Taobao.com is comparable to the well known ebay.


Taobao does not have an English interface, and FreeShoppingChina.com provides taobao items in english for foreign customers. You can buy items in your own language from taobao at Chinese prices.  We will show you how to buy from taobao and provide you with a simple process to help you get your items. Taobao spree is a new trend, What are you waiting for? Do not miss this opportunity to shop online from China!  

What is Tmall (TaoBao Mall)?

It is the largest online shopping mall in China and are having most individual and official shops from all kinds of brands. It was derived from TaoBao.com online market, but it concerns more on the product quality and service. It's having strict rules for the shops or merchants to make sure their products are with high quality and to give a chance of 7 days return.


Comparing to TaoBao.com, Tmall.com is having more high quality products, and having better service. You may consider Tmall as the first choice if you want to guarantee the products quality.

What is Alipay?

Alipay (alipay.com) is the leading method for online payment in China, both by number of users and transaction volume. As a member of Alibaba Group, it enables individuals and businesses to send and receive online payments securely, easily and quickly.  Alipay works as an escrow payment service, solving the issue of settlement risk in China.  


Since 2004, Alipay has become the most popular and extensively used online payment tool for all areas of e-commerce in China, and is quickly becoming the industry standard. On 6th July 2009, as a shopping online payment method, Alipay had more than 200 million users and a daily transaction volume exceeding RMB700 million, thanks to the 4,000,000 daily transactions.


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