Complaint & Claim

Customers’ Complaints:

The following information should be included when you submit your complaints to      
- Name of your purchaser or assistant who helped you purchase the products
- What happened?
- What do you expect us to do for you?

We will respond to you within 24 hours during working hours. (Our working hours are 9:00a.m. to 18:00p.m, Beijing Time, GMT +8:00, Monday through Friday.)

Accident Claims:

If you receive a wrong size/color/pattern/quantity, a wrong parcel, a damaged item, lost item, etc, you can file a claim within three working days after receiving your item. Late claims will not be accepted

Please note that the final delivery date is subject to the exact final delivery date on the tracking website.

The following files should be attached in your email to 
- Pictures (If there is a wrong or broken item, you should provide us with detailed and clear pictures.)
1. Picture of your parcel or item;
2. Picture of the INVOICE from (see below)
3. Picture of item's bar code

Note: Please reserve the important documents in your parcels, such as: INVOICE, bar code of your items, waybill. If you have any problem with your parcel, you should provide these documents!

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