Additional Value Added Services

Per users' requests, FSC is also offering additional value added services besides the standard services to meet more needs from users to achieve users' higher satisfactions. The following is a general introduction of FSC's value added services:



1. Private Labelling
If you are an Amazon seller or you are selling on some platform which requires you to put private labels on the products, you may want Private Labelling service from China. FSC can offer this service to you. The price is 0.2CNY-0.5CNY/pc, depending on the total quantity, size and complexity.



2. Taking Photos:
By default, we don't take photos for items except the following cases: a.)The item value is higher than 1000CNY; b.) The item is a problematic item and we need your confirmation; c.) You are a VIP user and are purchasing professional items.  If your order is not in the above cases but you still want to get photos of the items after the item is received in FSC warehouse, you can request for this value added service. We usually charge 5CNY/set of one item or a group of same items. One set of photos usually contains 3-5 photos.(We may take more than 5 photos if the item is complicated.)



3. Function Testing:
If you are purchasing a batch of electronic items or other items which need function testing, you can request for this service. However, not all items can be tested. Only the functions which don't require any special device or equipment can be tested. The minimum service fee is 200CNY. The detailed price depends on the quantity and job complexity.



4. Customization:
If you are going to wholesale in large quantity and want to make the item customized, this service will be needed. The customization includes item customization and packaging customization. FSC will help communicate with the supplier to make the customizations for you. The minimum of this service fee is 50CNY. The detailed cost depends on the job complexity. The additional cost from supplier side because of customization is not included in FSC's service fee.

5. Complex Commercial Invoice & Packing List:
Commercial Invoice is needed when shipping with commercial couriers like DHL, UPS, Fedex and Air Cargo, LCL/FCL Sea Cargo. If your wholesale order is simple with less than 10 kinds of products, we can help you make them for free. But if your order is complicated with a lot of different kinds of items, the invoice content will be with a long list and you will need to make the commercial invoice and packing list content on your own with the proforma invoice provided by FSC's system, which takes a lot of time. If you still want FSC to make this paperwork for you, this value added service will be needed. The minimum service fee is 50CNY, the detailed cost depends on the complexity.



6. Product Sourcing:
Finding the products or the manufactures is a time consuming job. Usually we suggest users to find the products or manufactures on on their own. If you don't want to do it on your own, you can request FSC to do it for you as value added service. We charge it at 10USD/hour. The minimum is 2 hours. Be aware, this charge is based on the time FSC spends on it, it does not mean FSC will guarantee any target results. The results may still depend on the conditions you define for the products or manufactures you want.

All of the above value added services are not listed in our purchasing workflow system as they are not standard services. You need to contact our customer service to get quotation before starting them. The detailed quotation will be sent to you after FSC reviews the details.


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