About FreeShoppingChina.com

FreeShoppingChina.com is a Professional TaoBao Agent company, established in March 2010.  We provide online-shopping service in China to all over the world.

In FreeShoppingChina.com, you can almost buy any product from Chinese online stores, for example, clothes, teas, food, phone sets, electronic cigarette, fragile items, watches, flash disks and so on.

Mostly, our customers request us to buy products from TaoBao.com. Taobao.com is the largest online shopping market in China, which is very similar to Ebay but even having more products than Ebay. Since 2003, Taobao.com has gathered an overwhelming majority of online shops in China. And now the number has already grown up to 50 million (sellers).

On FreeShoppingChina.com, we're always providing our customers with a happy and efficient online-shopping service from China.

Now, join us and start your international shopping from China with FreeShopingChina.com!


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