How to Add Batch Orders


If you are a reseller or a local purchase/buying agent who has already got an excel list of the items to be purchased, you may want to use this "Add Batch Orders" function which saves a lot of time for you. Please follow the steps below to make it:

Step 1: Copy the order information to the Order Template CVS file.
As the batch orders will be read by machine, it's necessary for you to put all the order information into this Order Template CVS file. This file must be CVS formatted file. CVS file can be opened and edited in Microsoft Excel or other tools as long as it support CVS format. When saving the file after pasting all the order information, make sure you save the file as cvs file. CVS file is always with the file extension of ".cvs" in the end of the file name.

When copying and pasting the order information into the Order Template file, the following fields are needed to be filled.(Some of the fields are necessary fields and can not be empty.)
Item Name(necessary): The item name of which you want to purchase.
Item Link(necessary): The item page from Alibaba/Taobao or other online shops/stores.
Item Price(necessary): The price for single piece of item. The unit is CNY/RMB.
Qty(necessary): The quantity of this item you want to purchase. It must be a number!
Size: The size information.It can be mixed like M,L,XL
Color: The color of this item. It can be mixed like yellow,green,purple.
Seller Name: The seller or the shop's name, usually it's Chinese characters.
Source Site: The site from which you find the item, for example,,, or
Keep Original: Indicate if you want us to keep original packaging and labels. The value should be Yes or No.
Remark: Put your remark in this field. For example: 2pcs of Yellow L, 3pcs of Green M, 5Pcs of Purple XL.



Be Aware:
1. The sequence of the above fields can not be changed.
2. In the template, the first row is the Header Row. Don't remove it when you saving file.
3. In the template, the second row is a sample row. Make sure you remove this sample row when you save your file.

Step 2: Upload your order file for Preview.
After you have copied and pasted the order information into the Order Template file, you need to upload it for Preview. Our system will read your file and try to recognize your orders. If your orders are recognized, they will be displayed in recognized table, otherwise, they will be in unrecognized table with the error messages.

If you found some orders are unrecognized, please modify the template file with the help of the error messages and re-upload it after modification.



Step3. Save the valid orders into Shopping Cart or Favorite.
After all you orders are recognized, please click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button if you want to add these orders into shopping cart. You can also click "Add to Favorite" button to add them into your favorite which helps you make orders easier in future.

1. Currently, this template order file supports English and Chinese characters. If you want to put different languages into the file, it may not display properly. You may want to contact our customer service to add your language into support list for this function.
2. The item images will not be captured in Batch Orders function due to taobao/alibaba's anti-attack system which stops visits with high frequency.
3. When saving to Favorite, the color, size, qty and remark fields will not be saved.
4. The Order file should be less than 3M. If you want to upload large file, please split it into different small files.

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