How to Ship to Third Party Forwarder

If you are a wholesaler purchasing a lot and want to use third party shipping forwarder for cheaper Air Cargo or Sea Cargo service, you may need to input your forwarder's warehouse address information in this shipping form instead of your own address.

For users from some countries, like Nigeria, it's suggested that you use third party shipping forwarder because the China Post shipping is too expensive to these countries/areas.

Make sure all the information you input is accurate. This information will be used for domestic shipping from FSC warehouse to your forwarder's warehouse. If there is any mistake on it, the domestic shipping delivery may fail and will cause unexpected loss. So, please make sure there is NO MISTAKE. If you are not aware of your forwarder's information, contact them and double confirm with them.


If marking code is needed by your forwarder, don't ignore it! Otherwise your parcel will get lost and you will get nothing!

The following is an example:

sample of shipping information form with third party forwarder engaged

Be Aware:

1. The above sample applies to most cases for Air shipping from third party forwarder.

2. Users from Nigeria please follow exactly the example above as we do this with almost all shipping forwarders who ship to Nigeria.

3. The marking code should be defined by your forwarder. Some forwarder may just request your(the final receiver's) name and phone number, while some may define a code like KH/4/Velsa/AIR, which is more meaningful. We also met some cases that no marking code is required.  After all, this should be requested and defined by your forwarder, if you don't know it, ask your forwarder. Marking code is very important! Ignoring it may cause your parcels get lost.

4. If you are going to use LCL or FCL sea cargo service with your forwarder for large volume orders, usually we may need to contact your forwarder first for their requirements and conditions as well as the warehouse information.(Some sea cargo forwarders rent dynamic warehouses at different sea ports according to temporary needs, so the warehouse information may change time to time. Also, many warehouses may request document of Warehouse Inbound Notification or something the like. So if sea cargo service forwarder is engaged, we usually need to contact the forwarder for confirmation first.) If you are having any question on it, please sent your question to



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