[Dropshipping] How to Retrieve Shopify API Connection Info

Currently FreeShoppingChina(FSC) only supports Shopify importing functions with APIs as Shopify private/custom app, instead of the a listed public Shopify app in Shopify store. The reason is that Shopify wants all listed public Shopify Apps to be integrated with their billing APIs so that Shopify can charge extra commissions, which increases the system complexity and causes additional cost to users. Therefore, FSC currently only supports Shopify as private/custom app.

For more information about private/custom app, please read https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/apps/private-apps

The following is the guide on how to install a private/custom App in Shopify store and how to get the connection info:
1. You will need to enable the private app function in Shopify admin.  Please check this page for more details:https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/apps/private-apps#enable-private-app-development-from-the-shopify-admin

Please follow the page's guide to enable the private/custom apps function.

2.  After you enable the private apps function, you need to create a private app. Click this button to create a private app.

3. In this app creation page, please: 
Fill and set the following info:
Private app name: FSC TaoBao Importer
Emergency developer email: service@freeshoppingchina.com

Set the following Admin API permissions:
Fulfillment services: Read and write
Inventory: Read and write
Location: Read access
Products: Read and write

Select the Webhook API version as:

4. After all are set, click the "Save" button, you will see a popup reminding. Click "Create app" button to continue. You will see the creation result. In Admin API part, you can now see the connection info: API key and Password. For the password, you can click the "Show" link to see the text. 

5. Use the above key and password to fill in this form, so that FSC system can connect to your Shopify store. Also, make sure you fill your Shopify store URL correctly. It should be  https:// plus domain name, for example: https://testwcshop.freeshoppingchina.com.  Don't add other info in the URL, like https://testwcshop.freeshoppingchina.com?source=seewsg, which will cause potential errors.

All set! You can now have fun!


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