[Dropshipping] How to Place & Submit Orders in Zero Stock Mode

After you find the product you want to buy, you need to place the order on FreeShoppingChina.com so that we can purchase the product for you. 

Here are the steps to Place & Submit Orders:
1. Find the product page you want to buy, and check the size and color information in the page. If you are not aware how to do it, please refer to the previous topic: How to find products on TaoBao.com  or How to Find Products in FSC Inventory(Advanced & Optional)
Product detail page on taobao


2. Log into dropshipping center on FreeShoppingChina.com, and click the “New Order”, you will be navigated to the order page. Copy the product information page on Taobao.com/Tmall.com, and click “submit”. 

3. FSC system will load the product information automatically. Also the system will translate the product name into English. (If it failed to load information, you need to specify the information by yourself.) However, you still need to specify the size, color and quantity you want to buy. Also, you may want to add some special comment in the remark field. 

Very important: you also need to input the end customer's shipping address here. Another important field is the Reference No. field. It can be the order ID in your own shopping store, for example the order ID in your Shopify store. This Reference No. will be used to identify your order, especially when you purchase exactly the same items for different customers in one day.  After confirming the information is correct, click “submit”.

4. You will be prompted that you have already successfully added that item into your shopping cart. You can continue to add more products into your shopping cart. 

5. Once all the products you want are already in the shopping cart, go to the “My Shopping Cart” by clicking the link in the left side in dropshipping center. All the products you added will be listed here, along with the end customers' shipping addresses and reference No.. You will also be indicated that how much you need to pay for those products for 1st payment.

!!Very Important!!
If you are selling items to users in different countries, it's suggested you submit the orders for each country separately in different batches(One batch for one country). It's because the shipping fees to different countries vary greatly and our system only allows one common shipping method selection for all orders each batch in next step.
6. Click “Submit Order”, you will be on the payment confirmation page. 

Here you need to select the common shipping method and insurance option for all the orders in this batch. Once it's done, the info for all the orders in this batch is fully collected, which will trigger the auto-2nd payment function by default.


The auto-2nd payment means: When the item in an order arrives to our warehouse and we found the item is OK to ship, we will ship it out directly without notifying you for 2nd payment. And our system will deduct the 2nd payment amount from your member account directly, along with a deduction record in "My Account History" for you to look up any time. This will save your time greatly, especially when there are a lot of orders in parallel.  However, the auto-2nd payment will fail if there is insufficient balance in your member account or there is shipping info mistake/missing.

Therefore, make sure you have sufficient balance in your member account. If it’s insufficient, you need to add funds first. 

7. Click “Pay Now”, a popup dialog will show up to tell you if the payment was successful. And you will be navigated back to the member center index page.
Be Aware: This is the 1st payment for the products themselves and domestic shipping in China. Our service charge and international shipping will be in the 2nd payment later.

8. To check those orders you have just paid, click “My Orders” in the left side.



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