How to Contact Customer Service Team?

We are always ready to answer any of your queries and solve all of your problems when you are shopping via You can reach our Customer Service Team in the following way:

1.    Customer Service Email (Recommended!)
This is the most direct and formal way to contact us. We would strongly suggest you to contact us via Email if you are having a long query. Our customer service Email is You can send any query or concern to this mailbox and we will reply you usually within 24 hours.

2.    Send Questions in Member Center
You can send us questions in member center by clicking the “My Questions” link in the left side of member center. You will be able to send the question details to us. Also, you need to come here to check the answer from us 24 hours later.

3.    Send message on a specific order in “My Orders” page in Member Center
If you are having any question on a specific order you have placed, for example, you want to know if you can change the product color, you can send message to us on that specific order by simply clicking the envelope icon behind the order entry in “My Orders” page as demonstrated in the following image:

4.    Send Quick Message in index page or any help page.
This is a very quick way to send your concern or query on shopping and shipping service, especially for new visitors. Just specify your email box and your question details, and click “Submit Your Message” button or "Submit Your Question" button. Your question will be forwarded to our customer service team. We will reply you within 24 hours via Email.
You can send Quick Message in index page and any help page on


5.    Send message to us via Facebook or Twitter.  

We have setup accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social websites. However, we would only be able to reply your query on Facebook and Twitter so far. And we would still suggest you send us email if possible.


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