How to Register as a Member

1.  It’s very easy to register as a member. You only need to specify following information to get yourself registered:
a)    User Name – It will be used when you are contacting customer service.
b)    Email – It will be used for validating your account and signing into member center.
c)    Password - You know what it means.
d)    Verification Code – A random code to prevent from robot attacking.
e)  Check the agreement and tick the check box to accept it.
user sign up form

2. After you click “SIGN UP” button, you will be prompted that you have successfully created the account and an activation email has been sent to your mailbox.

activation email


a). If you can not find the activation mail in your incoming mail box, please check your junk mail box. Sometimes, mail system may mistake it as spam while it is absolutely not.
b). If you still can not find the activation mail in the junk box, please log in to resend a new mail.
c) In some cases, there may be a delay of the mail caused by the mailing system. You may be able to receive the mail in the second day. Just finish the activation when you receive it.
d) If none of the above works, you can try changing for another Email address.

3. Log into your mailbox and find the activation email, your account will only be activated after you click the activation link.

4. Now, you are having full access to member center on If you still have any questions, please contact us. You may also want to refer to the topic: How to Contact Customer Service Team.

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