Why My Order Is Always Processing?

Once you submit your orders, our purchaser team will handle them within 24 hours. Our purchaser will review the orders and determine if the information is correct and the shop owner is having enough stock. If everything goes fine, our purchaser will place orders with the shop owners (the real sellers) and change the order status to be "Processing" on FreeShoppingChina.com.

Therefore, the order status "Processing" always means that our purchaser has already placed the order with the shop owner (the real seller), but the shop owner has not sent your product yet. Once the shop owner sends out the product, the order status will be changed to "On the Way" instead.

If your order is keeping as "Processing" for too long time, it's because the shop owner is having a delay of sending out the product. If the order keeps as "Processing" for more than 5 days, you can send messages to us by clicking the envelope icon in the end of the order entry. We will help you confirm if this order can be cancelled.
Note: Not all order can be cancelled, especially those items that have description of NOT ACCEPTING CANCELLATION.

We would strongly suggest you check the shop owner's credit score before you decide to buy products from him/her.

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