Placing & Tracking Orders

When I enter the product information page address into the order field, nothing appears in the form, what should I do?
The information cannot be retrieved in some case.  You need to enter them manually.


How much time will it take for your team to handle the order after I placed it?

We will process orders within 24 hours. After we purchase the items in your orders, you may need to wait for about 3-7 days for them to arrive in our office. For those orders with unspecific size or color, which is needed, we will set the status as "Pending" or "Invalid" waiting for your action.


What do I need to do when your team is processing my orders?

You don't need to do anything on them. You only need to come back later and check the order status to see the progress. If there is any comment or query from us, just reply it.


There are some items from the same seller in my order, but I paid the domestic shipping fee for each item, Can you merge the domestic shipping fee for me?
Yes, we can. Please write this in the comments to make sure that our team will know which items from the same seller. In most cases, the shipping fee will be automatically merged as long as you submit those orders together in one batch.

If the items are out of stock, will you inform me in advance or refund me immediately?
Yes. Our team will notify you and set the order as “Invalid”. You can cancel this invalid order by yourself in member center, and the cost will be returned to your account accordingly.

My item has been in your warehouse, but I do not want it, can you cancel the order for me?
Sorry, dear. If there is no any quality problem, we will not accept the refund. And the order cannot be canceled, either. Hope you could understand that.

Can I cancel my order?
You are able to cancel your order as long as it has not been processed by our team or the order is invalid. But if your purchaser starts to process your order, it cannot be canceled.

How to pay for all the items in my shopping cart?
Please select All and press "Submit Order", and finish the following steps to completed the payment.

How to delete items in my shopping cart?
Please select the items which you want to delete and press the button "DEL".

How do I know if my order is made successfully?
If your order is made successfully, the items will be transferred from “My Shopping Cart” to “My Orders”.

What is the meaning of the status "arrived"?
It means the items have arrived in our office. Only “Arrived” items can be submit for shipping.

Why the items disappear from our order?
Orders can only be removed by yourself. Please check the “Account History” to find the record. If you still cannot find it out, please contact our customer service in time.

When Can I submit for shipping?
Please pay much attention to your order status. When the status changed to "arrived", you can select the arrived items and click the “Submit Shipping” button. You may also want to refer to the topic: How to submit for Shipping.

I have an item but the quantity is 100. When submitting for shipping, I cannot choose the shipping method due to overweight. What should I do?
Please contact our customer service( in this case. Usually, we would split the big order into suborders so that they can be packaged in different parcels. And we will adjust the shipping fee accordingly.

My friend just has one item to ship. Can you put his item in my parcel?
Yes, we can. Please write your friend's user name and order id in the remark. Then we will help you put it in your parcel.

I doubt the weight of the product. Can you check it and change it for me?
Please don’t worry about it. The weight of the product is just a display weight. After you submit for shipping, your parcel will be weighed again after packed well. And we will charge the shipping fee per the actual weight.

Can I cancel the parcel after I submitted?
We strongly suggest you not cancel the parcel, otherwise we may charge for additional 50 CNY as service fee. So please think it twice before submitting.

If I find there is something wrong with my shipping address, what should I do?
Please e-mail to at once. We will change the address for you if the parcel has not been shipped. However, we would not be responsible for the lost if the parcel has already been shipped out. You may want to contact shipping company to solve this kind of problem.

Your system captures wrong price, which charged me more than that I should pay, what should I do?
The system always loads the list price. If there is a discount on the product, please write the actual price on the comments. Your purchaser will refund the extra money to you.

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