FAQ for Beginners

The following points are usually asked by beginners. We have collected them and put into this page for beginners to get an overview of our purchase/buying service.



Our promised response time is 1 working day in normal cases (whereas over 70% of our emails are responses within 8 hours). There will be slight delay during peak periods e.g. Christmas/Lunar New Year.We will continually streamline our order process and upgrade our service team to provide more speedy responses.

In case you do not receive response for queries from us within 1 working days, we read your concern and thanks for your patience.

In case you do not receive response for queries from us over 2 working days, please kindly notify us.

We would also like to ask for your kind attention to the spam folder in your email. In prior occasions, our emails initiated from our other email accounts (e.g. autosender3@freeshoppingchina.com, edm@freeshoppingchina.com) are wrongly classified as spams under recipient email account’s settings.  This is one of the causes for “delayed” response since the recipients are not aware to some of our replies.


We currently accept payment by Credit Card(Visa, MasterCard and JCB), Western U-nion (WU), MoneyGram(MG) and bank wire transfer(T/T). The exchange rate used for each method are different time to time according to conversion and transfer route. We will take the instant rate when you add fund in our system by filling the adding fund forms.

If the amount is not very much, you may pay us through credit card. If you want to add fund for more than 500 USD, Western U-nion and MoneyGram are suggested which are with lower transaction fee.

For more details on how to make payments and add funds, please refer to: http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=24



We have ceased to accept as payment method. “Cease To Accept Paypal”, for details, pls. see below section.

On 06 Nov 2012, our paypal account was under limited usage in relation to use of paypal services.  Paypal is going to stop servicing Taobao agency businesses in any kind until further notice. 

We have discussed with Paypal about the transfer and our business model.  However, we are sorry that there is no predefined timeline for release.  Paypal insist that Taobao is a trading platform with inefficient regulations on  products which violate brand/copy rights.


We are purchasing/buying agent to help overseas consumers and resellers to buy products from Alibaba.cn, Taobao and any other online stores. If you are interested in purchasing agent services, we hope that you can spare sometime to visit our website before shopping with us.


The advantages of purchasing with FreeShoppingChina.com are as follows:

1. Help communicate with sellers.

2. Help place orders and have sellers ship to our warehouse in China. Most sellers in China don't ship abroad or receive abroad orders.

3. Help make payments to sellers. Most sellers in China only accept RMB/CNY.

4. Inspect items purchased and do integrity check; Return or change any problematic items for free!

5. Consolidate all items from different sellers and ship together to you for saving shipping cost.

6. Repack items to make them safer for international shipping. It's free!

7. Provide international shipping discount. Including EMS, DHL. EMS is currently 45% off of the official price.

For details of our services, please refer to our website index page: http://www.FreeShoppingChina.com

For Taobao buyers, we are having 1 VIP6 buyer account(highest level) and 2 VIP5  buyer accounts on taobao, which enjoy the best customer service on taobao. This is very useful to protect customers' benefit when returning inferior items.


Please kindly note the workflow as follows:

Step 1: Log on FreeShoppingChina.com and register as a member.

Step 2: Browse on Chinese online stores and select product items you want to buy. Copy the product information page addresses (URL) and paste them in new order page in member center.

Step 3: Choose a appropriate payment method to add money to your member account on FreeShoppingChina.com and make the 1st payment for product items and their domestic shipping.

Step 4: FreeShoppingChina.com will review and purchase the products according to your order. If the item is out of stock or we are not able to purchase the item, we will move the order into invalid list for cancellation and cost return.

Step 5: After items arrive at our company, you select the items you would like to ship and submit a shipping request. We will package all the products items you selected into one parcel. Once the parcel gets weighed, you can select a delivery method and make the 2nd payment for the international shipping fee and our service fee.

Step 6: You track the parcel. Once it received, you confirm the receipt of the parcel and leave a feedback in member center on FreeShoppingChina.com.

We would also suggest you to read our Order Tutorial & Handbook to know more about the details of the above workflow: http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=13



Regarding the shipping fee, the costs depends on the weight and shipping method. There are two parts of shipping: domestic shipping and international shipping.

1. Domestic Shipping: This is the shipping from seller to us. It's charged by the seller and the cost is usually 12-15 CNY for first kilo and 8 CNY for every additional kilo.

2. International Shipping: This is the shipping from FreeShoppingChina.com to you. The cost and speed depends on different shipping methods. We usually strongly recommend EMS (if ems can arrive your country).

For details of shipping, you may refer to more information on our webpage: http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=55

If you are choosing EMS through agent, we are able to get discount up to 45% off on official EMS rate. This can be a great saving for your freight. EMS's official rate can be found on China EMS official site: http://www.ems.com.cn/serviceguide/zifeichaxun/e_zi_fei_biao_zhun.html


In order to better estimate the cost of your orders and shipping, we worked out estimation tool which will show you cost details: http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/page.php?action=estimates


Usually, the goods can be shipped from China within 5 working days (There may be around 2-3 days delay due to the huge order volume received by Post office/shipping agent before/after big holidays). However, if there are replacement/seller’s delay, there will be 5 working days or more.

The int’l freight timeline will be as follows:
DHL/UPS                          3-7 working days
ARAMEX                           3-5 working days
EMS/TNT                          5-10 working days
Air mail (AIR)                     15-20 working days
Air Parcel                          2-4 weeks
Air+sea+rail mail (SAL)        3-8 weeks


FreeShoppingChina.com charges with a very low service fee rate. It is 10 % of totally amount of product item cost and domestic shipping fees.

Discount on Service Fee (for VIP Member 8%)
If you are a regular buyer or a dealer, and you are requesting us to buy products more than 10000 CNY,you will be qualified as VIP Member. We are providing VIP Member with lower service fee rate: 8% of the totally amount of product item cost and domestic shipping fees. You don't need to place one order of 10000CNY to become VIP. Instead, you can make multiple orders within half a year, once the total amount reaches 10000CNY, our system will automatically upgrade you to be VIP member.

Note: The minimum service fee amount is 30 CNY (about 4.5 USD) for every international parcel.

If you are a wholesaler to purchase some specific item with large quantity, you can even get low service rate down to 3%. For more details, please contact our customer service or check in our member center for special offers.


The minimum charge is levied mainly since no matter how low the value of products, we need to involve at least some costs throughout the process from purchasing to shipment. We need to check the details, followup the discrepancies and package the items with no charge.You will also agree that it is impossible for us to help our customers to buy RMB10 item at RMB1.5 commission.

Therefore, we have defined that the minimum service fee amount is 30 CNY for every international parcel. Usually, you can request us to purchase many different items from different sellers and put all of these items into one international parcel and ship it to you. And the minimum charge will be based on the value of the whole parcel.

For example, if the value of the all the items in one international parcel is 3000CNY, the service fee will be 300CNY( if you are a VIP member, the service fee will be 240CNY). If the value of these items is 200CNY, the service fee will be 30CNY instead of 20CNY. As you can see, shipping items together in one parcel can save cost.  


For clarity of order follow-up, you may find it convenient to contact us through skype or email.

Skype: freeshoppingchina.com (or service@freeshoppingchina.com)
Email: service@FreeShoppingChina.com
Tel: +86 10 84810801
All of the three are the same and you can reach us by any of them.

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