[Dropshipping] How does Fast Pass and Automatic 2nd Payment save time?

In Dropshipping mode, you may see this option in Shopping Cart Payment Confirmation page when making the 1st payment and Order List page when submitting shipping.


When this option is selected, you will need to fill the shipping information as well as shipping methods to complete the form. FSC's system will automatically handle the 2nd payment in the background when the parcel is weighed and move the parcel into "pending" queue waiting for being shipped. In this way, the 2nd payment page is skipped and it saves the time which was supposed to be used for waiting for you to make the 2nd payment manually after the parcel is "Weighed".

The following conditions must be met if you want to use this function:
1. There is enough member account balance for the 2nd payment.
2. All the information required in the form should be completed.
3. You know the parcel's proximate weight and shipping cost. (The proximate weight and shipping cost will not be displayed here because we don't have the data at this step, so you need to estimate it on your own with our Cost Estimator tool. If you don't know the data at all, please learn better knowledge of your products or get the data from your samples. )

If #1 and #2 conditions are NOT met, the 2nd payment page will NOT be skipped and it will still come up waiting for your manual 2nd payment later.

How can I know the cost details if the 2nd payment page is not displayed?
Well, FSC has considered this question and you can check all the cost details in Invoice page(The link can be found in "My Parcels" page). If you want to check your Account Balance change, you can go to "My Account History" page to see all the details logged.

All the shipping information you input will be the final information used for shipping. Make Sure All the Information is Correct and Accurate to Avoid Loss!

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