Payment & Funds

Which payment methods can be accepted?
At present, we accept payment for adding funds via Paypal, Western U-nion and MoneyGram. For more details, please refer to the topic: How to Add Funds to Member Account.

If I add funds into my account by Paypal, Can I withdraw my money by western U-nion, MoneyGram or others?
Sorry, you can not. If you add funds by Paypal, you can only withdraw money via Paypal. Sorry for the inconvenience.
If I add funds into my account by Western U-nion, MoneyGram, can I withdraw my money by Paypal?
Yes, you can.

My payment was held by Paypal, what should I do?
Please contact the Paypal company at the first time.
I made the payment by Paypal, the money did not appear in my account till now, what should I do?
Maybe Paypal is verifying your payment. Please contact us for more information in time(

Is it safe if I add funds on the payment page?

Yes, it is safe. We are using Paypal’s online instant payment interface, so it’s secured. Paypal is the most famous and secured online payment tool in the world, you may want to know more info about Paypal by visiting its website:

We DO NOT collect customer’s private payment information.

Where can I check the refund from my purchaser?
Please go to your Account History in member center. The money can be found, which has returned to your account automatically.

If my parcel lost during the shipping, can I get compensation?

For the insured parcel, we will give you full compensation if the parcel got lost during the shipping; for the uninsured parcel, we can only shoulder the international shipping fee for you. So we strongly recommend you to choose insurance for your parcel.


How can I make payment when placing order?

You need to add funds into your member account before making payment. (Adding fund and making payment for orders are different on Please refer to the topic for more details: Add Fund & Make Payment.) When you submit orders, the cost will be automatically deducted from your member account accordingly. This is the 1st payment you need to pay in the whole process. You may also want to refer to the topic: How to Submit Orders.


How can I pay for the international shipping fee and service fee?

Still, these fees will be deducted from your member account as long as there is enough balance, when you are submitting items for shipping. This is the 2nd payment you need to pay in the whole process. You may also want to refer to the topic: How to Submit for Shipping.

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