Shipping & Delivery

What kind of international shipping methods are available?
We are providing various shipping methods:
China Post: Air parcel, SAL parcel
For more details, please refer to the topic: Shipping Methods and Shipping Methods Comparison.

Where can I track my packages?
Air parcel, SAL -
When and where can I find the tracking No.?
You could get the tracking No. in your parcel entry within 24 hours after your parcel submitted.

Why can't I track my parcel?
Sometimes tracking information on official website cannot be updated in time by shipping company. They need at least 3 days for tracking to be posted. Please try it later.

How long will I get the parcel if the shipping method is EMS?
Packages will arrive to destination within 5 - 7 work days. Services will be slower during busy season, reaching up to 10-22 Days.
How much is the discount of EMS, Air Parcel, SAL?
All customers will enjoy 45% off for EMS. For Air parcels and SAL, we are not able to provide discount for now as they are already cheap.

When is the busy season?
Busy season is from November to February every year for Christmas and Chinese Spring Festival.

Which shipping method shall I choose?
Depends on the cost, safety, and speed, you may select different shipping methods. Here are our suggestions:
-    For important products and expensive products: EMS would be the best choice. It’s safe and easy to track, and is having lower shipping cost and very low possibility of custom taxes. It’s usually takes about 5-10 workdays. If you want the parcel to be delivered within in 3-7 days, you may consider pure commercial logistic companies (DHL, UPS and Fedex). Be aware, there may be a high possibility for the parcel to be charged for custom taxes when you are using commercial shipping methods.
-    For non-important products or non-expensive products: You may select EMS or SAL as the shipping method. EMS is safer and faster than SAL, but a little bit more expensive than SAL. However, for wholesaler customers, SAL would be the first choice because of the low cost, if it’s available to that area/country.
- For non-important products and the parcel weight is less than 2kg: Air Flat Shipping would be the best choice.

Note: Commercial shipping methods (DHL, UPS, Fedex) may not be able to reach to some areas/ countries, for example, Russia. We would encourage you to use EMS or SAL instead in this case.

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