Why does order status of Return/Change take too long time?

As shopping/purchase agent, we will check the items we purchase for customers to avoid the following potiential loss and to protect customers' benefit:
1. Seller didn't send item or seller didn't send adequate items.
2. Seller sent incorrect item.
3. Seller sent damaged or obviously inferior item.
By default, we will pursue the seller to send correct and adequate items. If incorrect items or inadequate items were sent, we will contact the seller to send correct ones or send the rest of the items. If the seller can not change or send correct quatity of items due to stock or some other reason, we will request refund from seller.

To return and refund the order, we performs the following steps:
1. Move the order into return/change list for change if possible. If there is no change, refund against seller will be requested.
2. Pursue the seller to refund. When refund against seller is done, we move the order into invalid list.
3. User/Customer cancel the invalid order to get the cost return.

Some refund can be done within 1-3 days, with good sellers. But some sellers may try to refuse refund and we need to raise a dispute on taobao to engage taobao customer support(if this order was placed on taobao) to get the refund, which may take about 1-3 weeks. 



Best Practice:

We do not suggest you wait for the refund before shipping other urgent items. Instead, We suggest you ship other items and leave the refunding order here temporarily for our conduction and get back some time later to cancel the order for cost return into your member account. Further more, if you do not want to purchase more, you can also withdraw your fund from you member account to your credit card or request us to send you cash, depending on how you added fund.

Please understand the process we are working on and get the highest efficiency and arrange best shipment plan!

It seems new customers may easily misunderstand that the refund on purchase agent should be done instantly like a B2C shop, while the fact is that there is still a lot of work for agent to do to get the refund. And this communication gap and misunderstanding usually causes complaint on our service. We will put more information on our website page and guide the user to understand the process and get better arrangement and efficiency.


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