About Packaging Options

We have noticed that some customers may have different requirements on packaging, so we are offering some options and additional packaging requirement field for customer to select.


1. Items' safety first!

This is the default option. We will try our best to add proper packaging material to make the items as safe as possible. It's used for following non-commercial shipping methods: EMS, Air Parcel, airmail small parcel, SAL


2. Make parcel as small as possible!

We will reduce additional packaging material to make the parcel as small as possible. However, this will cause higher rate of potential damage on the item during the shipping. This option is usually used for items shipped by commercial shipping methods. Commercial shipping will compare the dimension weight with real weight of the parcel, and the higher one will be taken for calculating shipping cost. DHL, UPS, ARAMEX, TNT are all commercial shipping methods, and the price is really expensive.

If you're having more requirements on the packaging, you are also able to let us know by inputing into the other requirement field. We will review it and make it possible in our best.

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